Features & Benefits



Durable in Different Weather Conditions

Whether for commercial or residential applications, a steel roof is a versatile product designed to meet a variety of building styles. It is being used in many countries in a wide range of climates. It can withstand wind forces to 120 mph, and since it is steel, it is free from potential termite damage. Steel can also resist damage due to freezing and thawing because of the nonporous exterior.

"Elegant" and "long-lasting" are equally important characteristics when choosing a roof to protect your most prized investment - your home. In fact, a steel roof may be the last roof you ever need. The strength and durability of a steel roof is combined with the versatile good looks of a vertical rib, standing seam or tile profile to give you the widest possible selection. A steel roof has the durability of a commercial-grade roofing material, and offers the richness and beauty to enhance your home's appearance.


Quality Materials

All sheet steel in a steel roofing product have one thing in common: they are fabricated from metallic coated, high quality, sheet steel. This material is also prepainted for additional corrosion protection and enhanced aesthetics. Each component of the steel sheet (steel core, metallic coating, and organic coating) is important to the service life of the finished product. There are a range of steel properties and coatings available that provide flexibility in choosing the appropriate material to suit the anticipated environmental conditions and budget.


Get the Label

Get the Label - Get the Assurance

Make sure the steel roofing you're buying carries the ultimate label of quality. The Canadian Sheet Steel Building Institute (CSSBI) logo identifies steel that will make the grade with the long-lasting performance you require.

As Canada's foremost authority on sheet steel, the CSSBI is integral to the development and promotion of industry standards. Look for the CSSBI quality logo! It can only be found on products produced by CSSBI member manufacturers that adhere to strict standards for quality - often higher than what the industry requires. Get the label and get the peace of mind you need from steel roofing that's designed and produced to deliver.

CSSBI member company steel roofing products must meet strict requirements for quality and performance and consist of hot dipped metallic coated sheet steel pre-finished with colours of proven durability and suitable for exterior exposure as delivered from the coil coater. Specifically, the CSSBI quality product label provides the assurance that these requirements are met or exceeded:

Base Steel
Before painting, the base steel is either zinc-coated (galvanized) to ASTM A653/A653M or 55% aluminum-zinc alloy-coated to ASTM A792/A792M.

Pre-Finish System
CSSBI members use pre-finish systems that consist of a primer and topcoat continuously applied and cured within the paint manufacturer's specifications for cleaned, pre-treated, metallic coated substrate. These paint systems have been tested and approved for exterior Canadian applications.

Paint Qualification
Proven paint systems designed for vertical and non-vertical applications. Performance standards are met for Film Thickness, Film Cure, Film Hardness, Chalk, Fade and Paint Film Integrity.

Each proven colour shall successfully meet the weathering standards. This standard ensures Film Integrity for 30 years on exposure, limits on Chalking for 25 years, and limits on Colour Change for 25 years.


Fast Installation

Steel roofing is the leading choice among home owner's associations for the versatility of the product. A steel roofing system can be installed quickly, so there is less disruption to residents. Panels can be supplied as a continuous length from eave to ridge, so installation is rapid. It can be installed over existing asphalt and wood shake roofs (following the manufacturer's instructions for strapping and underlayment), so there is no need for tear-off.


Styles & Colours

Many Styles and Colours

There are several styles and colours of vertical rib, standing seam and tile profile that complement any home. The only difficulty is deciding which one is best for your home.

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Environmentally friendly roofing solutions

The total recycled content found in Canadian manufactured steel used for roofing is a minimum of 25% and can be greater than 95% depending on the steel making process. Both these values represent industry leading levels of recycled content. Steel is the world's most recycled material, and in North America, over 70 million tonnes of steel are recycled or exported for recycling annually.

A steel roof can often be installed over your current roof, greatly reducing tear-off and disposal of old roofing material in landfills. Many consumers that are in the market for a new roof are unaware that applying a steel roofing system over their existing roof is actually a well practiced installation technique, with a proven track record. Most experts recommend going this route to save money and time, assist with home insulation issues, as well as reduce waste in land fills and reduce yard mess during the installation process.

Low grade asphalt shingle roofs can last only 10 to 20 years and then require replacement. Re-roofing generates approximately 11 million tonnes of waste in our land fills each year. REDUCE your contribution to global warming, by installing a new steel roof over your existing shingles. A steel roof includes RECYCLED content & can SAVE on ENERGY for the summer months. This adds up to reduced greenhouse emissions ... remember to practice the 3 R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and we will all enjoy a greener country.



Save money and add value

Steel roofing in light colours reflect heat effectively to reduce cooling loads in summer. A steel roof may also increase the resale value of your home.



Life of your home

The average roof life of a non-steel roof is 17 years: asphalt can require re-roofing every 10 to 20 years ,or sooner. A steel roof offers unmatched durability lasting 2 to 3 times longer: as much as 40 to 60 years and beyond.

  • Non-combustible
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance
  • Resistant to decay, discolouration and mildew
  • Better resale value

The longevity of a steel roof creates a unique selling feature for any homeowner who is thinking about selling their home. In some cases people will be able to purchase a home and not have to think about roof replacement for 40 years.