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Residential Steel Roof manufactures and the CSSBI are responsible for promoting steel roof benefits and features to the consumer. These marketing initiatives have increased over past several years as demonstrated by the development of the new consumer website along with dedicated consumer product information. More and more, homeowners are seeking out "green" building materials aimed at providing them with a more environment and economical sustainable product.

Capitalize on Growing Opportunity

The following contractor opportunity information is designed to help you understand the benefits of becoming a Residential Steel Roof Contractor. The forum will demonstrate just why Steel Roof installation has now become a more rewarding and profitable opportunity.


Steel Roof Facts Convincing Consumers That A Steel Roof Just Makes Good Sense

#1: Consumer Demand

Environmental and economic considerations have prompted many residential homeowners to investigate alternative building materials and methods, and steel roofing panels have proven technical benefits as well as excellent recycling capabilities which make them an increasingly popular choice. This follows the long time use of steel roofing in commercial construction where steel has built undisputable quality and performance records.

#2: Choice That Can Accommodate Every Type of Building

Homeowners across Canada are choosing attractive and durable steel roofing systems for all types of single family homes, multi-family dwellings, housing projects of all types of shapes and sizes have become much more practical to achieve from the variety of the materials available making a steel roof choice a more affordable decision.

#3: Environmental Concerns

Because steel is entirely recyclable, guaranteed that the steel roof installed today is partly made of recycled steel. In addition, the coil coating process for painting steel panels is efficiently and ecologically managed. You can refurbish the steel of an old roof rather than adding to the volume of the waste in a valuable landfill site, and steel is an excellent product for "sustainable" construction.

#4: Fire Resistance With Non- Combustible Steel Construction

Steel roofing panels will not spread fire and flame and will resist the heat from windblown sparks from your own or the neighbour's fireplace without apparent damage.

#5: Colours For All Seasons and Tastes

Steel roofing panels are offered in a rainbow of attractive colours and various thicknesses to blend in with other building materials and the surrounding neighbourhood. The homeowner may wish to accentuate the design of their home with bright colours on steep sloped roofs. On lower sloped roofs, the homeowner may wish to maximize colourfastness by using lighter coloured steel panels that will reflect heat.

#6: Peace And Quiet Under A Steel Roof

When steel panels are installed over a plywood surface covered with roofing felt on a residential roof, or over the old asphalt shingles of an existing roof, steel roofs are as quite indoors as other roofing materials under a heavy rainfall. The standard thick insulation of any attic will also absorb the noise form the falling rain.

#7: Cost Effectiveness

Roofing costs must not be judged strictly on the initial cost of purchase and installation. The cost of any roofing system must be assessed over the entire lifecycle and its years of service taking into consideration such factors as;

Effective Roof Life:

The cost of replacement and repair of other materials over the lifecycle of the home can be very significant and far exceeds the initial cost of the first roof.

Disposal Fees:

When the old roof is too worn to serve a usefull purpose and reproofing becomes an obligation, there is a cost to removing and disposing of the old roofing materials, possibly in an open landfill site thereby adding to the initial cost and contributing to increased construction waste and pollution. Since reroofing with a steel roof does not require removal of the old roof, there is no disposal cost with steel.

Resale Value:

Steel roofing makes economic sense and adds value to your home, and prospective buyers will take notice of this feature when the time comes for you to sell.

Environmental Costs:

Steel is completely recyclable and you can be assured that, as long as someone is aware of it, your steel roofing panels will never be landfilled because scrap steel is a valuable material used to produce "new" steel.

#8: Steel Roof Is The ideal Material

Steel roofing is the ideal alternative to all other roofing materials when faced with the decision to replace a worn or leaking roof that has served its time. The existing structure will likely support a new steel roof without additional supports. Moreover, the long lengths of steel panels are quickly installed no matter what the weather conditions without disrupting the household's activities.


Steel Roof Facts Why It Makes Sense For You To Become a Steel Roof Contractor/Installer

Did you know that your profit margins for Steel Roof Installation can surpass those of the typical asphalt panels?

Steel Roof installation is not a costly or unprofitable venture. Product advancements and improved technology provides you with practical installation methods giving you the opportunity to exceed profit margins to that of the traditional asphalt shingle. Steel Roofing is a premium product sold at a premium price. The added value to the homeowner translates into added profit margins for the installer.

Did you know that new product technology advancements allows for quick and faster installation.

Steel Roof products come in a wide variety of types, from individual shingles to long panels. All types have their advantages both aesthetically as well as for installation.

Consumer choice means increased sales.

There is a demand among consumers for Steel Roofing. A demand that is unfulfilled in many areas because there are not enough Steel Roof Contractors. Become a Steel Roof Contractor and capitalize on the growing demand for this durable and green product.

We stand behind our product.

Each manufacturer of Steel Roofing provides a performance guarantee or warranty for their product. It is common to see warranties of 40 years or more on the Steel Roof product. This is a comfort to the homeowner purchasing a premium roofing system for the long-term. A great selling feature.

It's easy to handle (lightweight) and easy to install.

Steel Roofing is made from high grade structural quality sheet steel that offers the strength of steel in a lightweight sheet with wide coverage. Individual sheets can be handled easily to speed up installation.

Competitively priced means increased consumer demand which results in greater work opportunities and ultimately, profits.

With now over 7% of the overall North American roofing market, metal is gaining ground. There is no doubt that Steel Roofing market share has increased significantly over the past 10 years. Consumer demand for environmentally friendly products will only lead to further growth.

Environmental Friendly

Global warming and the climate change crisis have become important issues around the world. Canadian steel makers are using new processes and technologies in manufacturing that contribute less air pollution, conserve fresh water, reduce energy usage, and reduce waste to landfills. Steel products are "greener" than ever, and continue to set the standard for other construction materials. For more specific environmental facts, start with the CSSBI web site